Will You Be Mine?

So.  There’s this guy.  We’ve been dating for a few years now.  He’s pretty great.  Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and while holidays have become just another day for me, here, within the last couple of years, I have this intention to spend some time remembering and nurturing my love for him.

For some time, my attention has been focused on building my future, obsessing over my pop’s health, missing family, and grieving in the midst of keeping up with work and the basics of life.  All the while that I’ve been his, he has quietly stood by, watching me, loving me, praising me when I’m doing well, encouraging me when I’m feeling low, and giving me a hand to hold and a shoulder to rest my head when I need to lean on someone.  I’ve forgotten about all that I can and should give in return, and yet, he remains stoic, loving, tender, and happy just to love me, selfless, asking nothing in return.



I’ve been considering all of this as of late, and here I am, the day before Valentine’s; still I feel like the gifts I have for him fall short of all that he has offered without expectation all this time.  It wasn’t until this evening that I realized that nothing material would rise to the occasion, and certainly, nothing at all could equal the love he has given so freely, but I will take some time to express the meaning of his tenderness and the gratitude and love that I hold in my heart.

So often, it is all too easy to forget the importance of relationships {of any kind} and neglect our connection with those around us, especially those that are closest to us.  Some of us have a way of disconnecting when reality gets hard, but when it’s allowed to penetrate the heart, love can keep us grounded and has this beautiful healing quality for the soul.  Though my “thank you” seems feeble to say the least, I know that it will open the connection that’s on my end of the bridge he’s built to the door of my heart.  Tomorrow, I’ll remember why I put my hand in his, and he will smile the way he did the day he took my hand.



Has life gotten you wound up in it’s web of madness?  Take some time to remember the ones that have loved you all along and put aside a moment or two to love them back.  They deserve that bit of tenderness. ❤

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