{Watching} » Being an avid reader and artist, I find so little time to watch the tele, but every now and then, I do flip it on and catch up on a few things.  We have On Demand, as well, so I can go back and watch some of the episodes I’ve missed on my long running faves, like Mythbusters (currently a reality show to find the new Mythbuster hosts).

{Listening} » Music is my life!  I don’t play anything very well, so don’t expect to see me playing in a band, but I enjoy the experience of practicing and exploring the guitar and piano, hence  the guitar and piano wire jewelry that I make.  As of this week, I’ve been into the playlist from Guardians of the Galaxy; it has some amazing 70s classics that have a fun vibe that energizes me during the day, while I work.

{Doing} » Resizes.  For the last two days, I’ve been working on a couple of resizes that required a complete deconstruction.  More on this in future posts.  Today, we’re going out to our house to work on the bathroom!  We are so close to moving in, just one more month!!  I will be doing future posts about the work we’re doing there, and we are still not even halfway with all the work that needs doing, so there’s plenty to anticipate

{Eating} » We love to cook!  Love it!  It’s a bonding activity that we both look forward to at the end of the day.  When it’s a big meal that we’re working on together, we enjoy a glass of wine or a beer while we’re cooking and chatting and loving.  Last night, we made gumbo, traditionally a cold weather meal in Louisiana, though we make it throughout the year.  At 44° F, it’s perfect weather this weekend to savor the warmth and deliciousness of the meal!

{Reading} » Lately, I’ve been seeking some personal growth, and as such, since we both love reading, I have been reading two books.  For enjoyment, I’m reading the League series by Sherrilyn Kenyon {intense adventure!}; I’m currently on Born of Ice.  For my personal growth read, I’ve chosen See You at the Top by Zig Ziglar.

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