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“Oh my heavens!  This ring is absolutely breathtaking!!!  I just want you to know how gorgeous it is and how much it means to me. It is more than I ever imagined!!  I’m so in love.  Thank you for sharing your talents with the world and being such a gem.”

Lia H.


“My ring came, and I LOVE IT!!  It is even more beautiful in person, and though I have other rings from you that I also love, this one blows them out of the water.  I am in tears with how incredibly you designed this ring.  Thank you!!!”

Marcia L.


“I picked up my package today and couldn’t wait to open it!  So beautiful and I could just feel the love you put into all of it.  Totally made my week…I was just so down and getting my goodies from you just made my heart happy!  Thank you!”

Michelle D.

the chestnut forge owner, brenda, standing next to river by her house

my story

My name is Brenda.  In 2013, after taking the first courageous steps towards a life free from violence + abuse, I founded The Chestnut Forge.  It is my triumph through adversity.  Ten years can change a human in many ways, whether those years are joyful or difficult, and while it felt arduous and humbling, it was a journey through which I have learned so much and have become a much stronger individual.  My place of refuge had always been a walk in the woods, listening to the breath of life, keeping secrets with the birds, and so I was inspired to create this reminder of every beautiful thing this life has to offer, of the incredibly precious creature that you are.

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and I love you so…

Everything about The Chestnut Forge is celebrating yourself…being the creative soul you were meant to be. During these shoots, when I feel the most self conscious, he helps me to do just that, and I’m proud to be featured in the photos you see, modeling my jewelry…a labor of love.

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