Weekend Read: The Blue Mustang


Do you read regularly? There are so many outstanding reasons why you should be reading regularly, and even more incredible facts that will make you want to read actual books and give up the e-book trend.

Somehow, since e-books, reading altogether in America has declined dramatically. What?! Since when did we lose our passion for seeking adventure in our everyday lives? Where did that desire for immersing oneself in another world disappear? Have we really become so overwhelmed by colorful screens that require no brain exercise or extremely few bodily movements that we’re losing such an important piece of our lives and culture? Wow.

Check out these interesting facts about reading real books at Huffington Post and Art.Mic


Have you picked out your weekend read, yet? Some years back, I picked this book up from a resale shop, because I read all the time, and I also like to read to people that I love, sharing stories that I love, too! I grabbed it, because he has a blue mustang, and we both share a romantic admiration of cowboys, so I wanted to read it to him. Recently, after moving up here, I pulled this oldie out of a box and smiled. I’m ready for a weekend filled with horses, adventure, and tea!!

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