7 Amazing Reasons to Love Your Copper Jewelry

Copper plays an integral role in maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle.  To begin with, it protects the cells on every level, from the surface to the very inner reaches of the organs.  Some natural sources of copper include oysters, garlic, whole grains, meat, liver, lentils, almonds, and water that has been ‘charged’ with copper, such as water that runs through copper pipes or food that has been cooked in copper pots and pans.  Copper can be absorbed into your body from the food you eat and the accessories that touch your skin.

Here are a few excellent reasons to keep your copper levels optimal and wear your beautiful copper pieces every chance you get!

1.  It’s one of the antioxidant super heroes!  By now, every human with an age wrinkle knows that free radicals attack the body’s organs and are most well known for their attacks on our sensitive skin, making it degenerate, become wrinkled and less resilient.  Free radicals are also known for making cells vulnerable to cancer, as well.  Copper, in conjunction with the antioxidants present in our bodies, works to keep these free radicals in check, keeping you healthy and younger looking for many years.

2.  Copper helps control cholesterol levels.  Studies have shown results of copper reducing our bad cholesterol and increasing our good cholesterol, which means when we have enough copper in our system, we have a lower risk of cardiovascular difficulties.  Awesome!!

3.  Stimulate your brain power with this incredible metal.  Raise your hand if you’ve heard of brain food.  Yeah, me too.  What I didn’t know was that these brain foods offer a higher content in copper than other foods.  Even cooler is the fact that out of the box thinking is associated with the presence of copper in the brain, creating unique neural pathways for more creative thinking.

4.  Keep those connective tissues healthy.  What does that mean?  Refer back to reason number one.  Copper is full of antioxidants, and you can avoid those dreaded wrinkles and sagging parts by keeping your skin resilient and flexible.

5.  Stay young looking in every way, from your hair to your eyes.  Keeping in rhythm with our youthful theme, here, copper plays an important role in maintaining the color pigmentations on your body, including your skin, hair, and eyes.

6.  Relieve symptoms of arthritis.  Along with age comes a number of unfortunate ailments, such as arthritis, a real arch enemy of the joints.  Thankfully, there are natural supplements that will help reduce the symptoms of arthritis, including copper, so throw on that copper jewelry with joy and excitement, because it looks and feels great at any age!

7.  Copper assists in energy production in the body, which is truly amazing but incredibly technical.  Basically, when we have enough copper present in our bodies, we can function at full speed all day without losing steam and feeling drained midway.

Balance is key with copper.  Supplements can help, but I am not by any means suggesting you start chugging them like candy; if you were to do that, you would actually experience a decline in health, because your body is designed to process and direct a certain level of minerals at any given moment, so it is important, to prevent your body from being overwhelmed by too much of a good thing, to keep your diet’s mineral levels OPTIMAL.


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