Pyrite Crystal | Natural Pyrite Cubic Cluster


With a name derived from the Greek word for fire, Pyrite crystal is an iron sulfide mineral that, when struck together, creates sparks, a very apt quality that parallels its warming energy.

With a stimulating aura, Pyrite encourages abundance through action and creativity. Traditionally used as a talisman of protection and luck, it is believed to be associated with the Sun and male Yang.  Keep it at your side as a protective shield from negative energies and to enhance commitment, resourcefulness and leadership.

  • Meanings:
    • creativity
    • action/commitment
    • masculine energy
    • confidence
    • manifestation

You will receive one (1) pyrite cluster of your choice.

    • choose letter from last photo
    • each one is hand selected and unique
    • size varies from 1″ – 1.5″

►Handmade in St. Louis, MO

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