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Most famously found in the Naica Mine in Chihuahua, Mexico, where the crystals have grown to colossal proportions, deposits of selenite are located in many places around the world.  There are several types of selenite crystal; this particular example is known as satin spar.

As a result of its pearly white and fibrous qualities, satin spar selenite wands radiate with an other worldly glow, a physical exhibition of its pure soothing energy.  Its ancient identity is derived from its connection with the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene, who is often portrayed riding her moon chariot and wearing a crescent moon crown.

Selene is the personification of life’s changes, the ebb and flow of our existence, lending her essence to the crystal.  Selenite is believed to clear energy blocks and bring harmony and protection to your home and self.  It also assists with healing that reaches deep into your heart and soul, helping you to connect with the Heavens.

  • Meanings:
    • mental clarity
    • cleansing
    • protection
    • heavenly connection

You will receive one (1) selenite wand.

    • size ranges between 2″ ~ 2.5″

►Handmade in St. Louis, MO

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