Desert Rose | Natural Selenite Rose Cluster


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Often referred to as the sand rose or gypsum rose, the desert rose is composed of sand and gypsum crystals that have formed as a result of evaporation and erosion from wind in desert conditions.

As if in defiance of her delicate petals, this gypsum rosette is a powerhouse of dedication. Traditionally used as a talisman of confidence, each crystal formation or rose has been believed to house a spirit guardian.  Keep it nearby to create a clarifying and rejuvenating energy that will help you to stay focused to achieve your goals and open to your intuition.

  • Meanings:
    • mental clarity
    • perseverance
    • confidence
    • dedication

You will receive one (1) desert rose in your choice of size.

    • size ranges between ~ .75″ and 1.5″

►Handmade in St. Louis, MO

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