Venus: Born of Seafoam

Venus Ring Set
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Venus, the Roman goddess of love, beauty, fertility, prosperity, and victory, born of sea-foam, mother of Cupid and Aeneas, her Greek counterpart, Aphrodite.

So revered by the Romans, she was deemed their ancestor and given a place of honor in the night sky, as the guiding light of the morning and evening star, the planet Venus, the second brightest object in the night sky, the bright queen of the sky.

The only planet named for a female, Venus is Earth’s sister planet and rotates around the sun in the opposite direction from most other planets. With no rings or moons, she stands alone, independent and powerful, with an atmosphere of acid and a blazing heat like no other surface in our solar system.

Venus Engagement Ring

The Venus diamond ring set represents the bright shining star of a woman’s heart, a veritable force of nature.

Extending from the stone is a stylized representation of the symbol of Venus, of the gorgeous creature called female, anchored to the band, exemplifying the steady enduring strength of a woman. 

The second band features an incomplete circle, symbolizing life, imperfection, acceptance, and connections.

The relief triangle represents the three stages in this beautiful circle of life that pours forth from our feminine heavenly bodies.

Venus Ring

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