A little extra sparkle can go a long way...

Joy Marks – a simple twinkle of mindful living.

It is so important to me to become a helper of hope, to spread as much love and joy as I can, everyday in every way that I am able.

One of the ways that I do that is to add a Joy Mark to every order.  These are handcrafted little copper bits with random words of positivity stamped onto them, like HOPE, CARE, LOVE, and MERCY.  Collect them, give one to a friend, keep them on your nightstand…whatever.  

Another way that I like to spread a little more love is to add an extra piece of jewelry to every $45+ order.  Every month, I choose something different, and sometimes, if I have more than one option, I ask you to help me decide.  For the month of June, these precious little square loop hoops

June free gift – Tiny Square Loop Hoops

Finally, I’m always working on ways that I can support others, so I created a couple of things…

  • Small business support pledge – with this, I’m choosing to spend at small businesses as much as possible.  For every $1000 my small business earns, I’m spending $100 at other small businesses.


  • Coming soon – the Boundaries Bracelet – a beautiful cuff style bracelet that gives back to any special cause you care about.  For each bracelet sold, 25% of the purchase price will be donated to any charity of your choice.


Boundaries Bracelet – 25% of purchase price goes towards a charity of your choice.
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