Three Totally Legitimate Reasons to LOVE Diamonds + Pearls

…and not necessarily in that order, either.

Two of my top faves in gemstones, diamond and pearls are a classic choice to mix and match or keep single, because let’s face it, these two heavyweights are not a bit shy, however demur or traditional they may be.  Cliche, possibly.  Care less, absolutely.


1.  Any shape.  Any size.  Bring it on.  There’s a reason why diamonds and pearls have been so well loved throughout the entire history of accessorizing; could it be that they are undeniably gorgeous in all shapes and sizes?  I think so.  Everyone is crushing so hard all over raw diamonds and freshwater pearls today.  These little sparkling (and non-sparkling) nuggets offer an intense amount of originality, resulting in a plethora of unique designs and styles happening.  (sing song) Awesome!!

2.  Because we like it rough.  Continuing on the yellow brick road of raw gemstones, raw diamonds and freshwater pearls offer a unique selection of shapes, giving rise to amazingly organic jewelry designs.  One of the most wonderful sights is a raw diamond or wobbly pearl juxtaposed with a sleek cut diamond or any other super sparkling cut gemstone for that matter, a most intriguing combination if I say so myself.

3.  It goes with everything in my closet!  White diamonds + pearls, alone, with they’re bright silvery sheen, raw or refined, are perfect with every single occasion and every single outfit, fancy or casual.  You name it.  Case closed.  But if you needed more convincing in this department, these lovely stones offer a ton of variety in color, coming in just about every color you can imagine.  Pink diamonds?  Blue diamonds?!  Gimme.  What about peacock gray or lavender pearls?  Sigh.


Beyond all of the above, that beautiful feeling of those slick stones against my skin is so breathtaking.  The list reasons to wear diamonds and pearls could, quite possibly (probably), go on forever, but I think this is enough to give me the real feels.  I think I’ll grab a glass of wine, sit on my back porch, admire my diamond rings, relish the touch of my bracelets, and wait for my darling to arrive for dinner.


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