The Little Gray Hut {Chapter 2}


Because we were able to save enough to outright buy our house, buying it happened so quickly that we felt like we were walking in a dream.  We stepped out of the title office with our paperwork and just looked at each other, slightly dumbfounded and delirious with joy at actually owning a house.  We owned a HOUSE!!  In our wildest dreams, we hadn’t imagined we’d achieve this level of ownership this soon.

When we strapped into the car, my guy looked at me and smiled.  I smiled back.

“Do you want to go to our house?”  He asked.

“Yes.”  I replied with a devious smile.

We were thrilled.  It was a brand new experience and a whole new feeling we had never felt before.  Our senses were taking in every bit of scenery on our way to the new purchase that we would soon be calling home.  Home.

Of course, we did what almost every new homeowner does…

…we removed the for-sale-sign.  Sigh.  Yay!!  We took photos of unlocking the front door of our own house for the first time…

And we assessed the entire house, inside and out, for the initial projects we most certainly knew were coming.  The house needed everything.  Everything.  There had never even been an air conditioner; it needed a complete set of appliances throughout the entire house, which wasn’t exactly surprising, but we also needed to invest in a furnace and water heater.  It’s no joke to say, everything.

This house looked like a complete disaster, but if you know anything about us, you know that we are always the optimists.  Potential gives you a clearer vision than most, and this house had so much potential in it’s quiet corners.  And.  We could do this.

The kitchen had very little that needed to be removed to start from a clean slate.  Initially, we thought we might be able to work with the cabinets, but short review showed that they were water damaged under the sink and needed to be removed, so we tore out all of the cabinets and started fresh.  More on this later.

The hearth room is what truly captured us.  We are so in love with the three windows there on the back of the house.  The fireplace, though nothing fancy, had the potential to become something so amazing.  This, I believe, will be my favorite room.

Forgive the blurry picture, here.  This is the laundry room/3rd bedroom, which is destined to become my craft studio.  Sigh.  I’m super excited to work on this room.  It was the worst, in terms of weathering and age.  I had been so disappointed in this room the most after our purchase.  I didn’t even enter it until we were finally working on it.  The front gutter of the house was completely removed, causing the sill to rot and the floor to sag.  I’ll talk more on this in another post.  Fixing it was a challenge that we were most definitely up to, like most challenges that come our way.

The siding was, of course, in need of attention, and the roof, while it was keeping the water out, was extremely poor.

Potential.  What an amazing word!  This house has morphed into the most adorable structure in the entire neighborhood, at least in my eyes, and I cannot wait to show it off to you all!!

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