The Little Gray Hut {Chapter 1}

Last year, we bought an old house, almost on a whim.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a long time coming.  We had searched for what seemed like forever and never found one that we just loved, so we were about to give up for a while.  The frustration was real.  Then, I got an email from the agency with a little old {very old} house.  At first, I passed over the email, but I noticed that the area was unfamiliar, and it made me wonder if it had anything interesting that we hadn’t already seen.

This house was so sad looking, but the price was too good not to go take a look, so I talked it over with my guy, and we rambled out an hour away and had a look.  Seriously, this poor house was so old and a little scary looking, I was ready to just forget the whole thing and turn around and run back to our apartment.  But.  We came all this way, and there was no harm in looking, right?  So we looked.  Outside, this house was definitely haunted.  Inside, however, there was a certain charm, and I think we were both hooked when we saw that we’d have a fireplace with all these windows in the back.  It was cute, and it needed love, so…

We took the leap.  Buying a house is a HUGE decision, so we took our time to think it over after we met with the agent.  We made our offer and waited a few days before it was accepted.  Everything happened so quickly after that, and closing on the house was nothing of what we expected.

Actually, we had no idea of what were actually getting into when we signed on the dotted line.  This house was {sort of} a disaster.  It needed every single thing, and we were on a tight budget, but we made it work with glee in our hearts as we foolishly gained wisdom in house buying and renovating.

Today, we’re living in it, though it still needs so much work.  Everything we’ve changed is a huge improvement to the property, and we’re more and more happy, each day, with the results of our daily labors.  We see the transformation of our house into our home with each passing day, and the feeling is so wonderful as we hold hands, moving forward in our little gray hut on the right side of the road.

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