Wonder Woman

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In October, this year, Wonder Woman was named an Honorary Ambassador for Empowerment to Women and Girls everywhere.  This actually happened in real life!  When I read about it today, I put on my sparkling pretend tiara, did my best Wonder Woman pose and did a little happy dance.

All my life, Wonder Woman was one of my favorite super heroes, because she stood for so many important characteristics that everyone should embrace, not just girls, even though she was the embodiment of recognizing that girls are worthy of the same respect and encouragment as boys.

My faith in womanhood was shattered the day my mother walked out on my father; I wondered, desperately, what was happening to make her do something like that.  My father encouraged us to continue to love her and to be kind to her, despite his broken heart; he was the man that cultivated my independence and self-respect, standing beside me through all of my trials and victories, showing me what it meant to be a true to life hero as he held my hand every time I needed it and smiled proudly when I didn’t.

Before I understood her symbolism, Wonder Woman helped me to understand a lot about the seeds my father was planting in me…determination, courage, and perseverance.  As the song goes, “I need a hero”, but I won’t be “holding out until the morning light”, because Wonder Woman is there in all of us, giving us the powers to be our own everyday heroes.  She has been a symbol of feminine strength since the Axis Powers terrorized the Eastern hemisphere, and now, she reminds all of us 21st century ladies that we each have our own Lasso of Truth in our voices, and we have the bands of strength in our style, and just in case you weren’t aware, Wonder Woman is also a bad-ass-in-your-face PRINCESS, so it’s important to remember the sparkling tiara of excellence!

Today, I’m all grown up, carrying the precious gems that were harvested from those seeds my papa planted, and I’ve created The Chestnut Forge to make sure they continue to glow like a beacon of light.  Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted to be a reminder to all who wear it that everyone has the strength and greatness to be a hero by embracing.  Go on, have the courage to embrace your totally amazing you and pass it on!


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