Petite Journey | Tiny Pearl Bracelet

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Nourishing your spirit gives you strength to face any obstacle that life throws on your path and to discover worth in hopeless situations.  The lovely tiny pearl bracelet, a result of an uncomfortable and even painful experience for the oyster, reminds you to nurture your spirit, to grow in the face of adversity and create beauty out of discomfort and chaos.

  • three tiny freshwater pearls
  • sterling silver chain

►Handmade in St. Louis, MO

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Embodying the past, present, and future paths in your life, the Petite Journey Bracelets feature tiny gemstones with different meanings that help you tell the story of your journey – past, present, and future.


The nature of handmade is such that pieces will vary from time to time.  These imperfections are considered beautiful and part of the design.

Please allow 1 – 2 weeks before shipment of this item, which will be handcrafted to your specifications.

If you have a shorter timeline, contact me, and I will be happy to work with you on expediting the process as much as I can.


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