cuteness OVERLOAD!!!

Being home again has been so refreshing.  I am on my own with my own life going on, but my pop’s farm will always be home to me.  This time, there’s a special member of the family that I’d like to introduce…we call her Little Lambo!


She’s a special little angel that was born earlier this year, only she was one too many in a litter for one momma sheep, and she happened to be the runt.  My brother operates the farm since my father’s passing, and he watched her progress.  He noticed that she wasn’t able to feed from the mother, since she was only equipped to manage two babies, as is the typical case with most sheep, and a normal litter consists of only two.  It was time to take matters into his own hands, so he adopted the lamb as his own and fed her with the bottle to keep her in good health.

She’s grown quite a bit now, nearly half the size as a full grown sheep, and she eats grass and grain like the others, healthy and sweet as can be.  This is the first time I got to meet her, and I think I’m in love!!  She follows me around outside of the pen now, and she’s always waiting for me in the mornings and evenings to come back for pets and feeding.  Since she’s been adopted, the mother no longer recognizes her, but she has made friends with the two oldest sheep in the pen, and she’s a happy little thing.

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