Bathroom – Final Stages

Our bathroom has finally reached the final stages, and I’m calling it a finished product, minus a few little details. The results turned out so beautifully, beyond expectations. It really is like a spa every time I take a bath. I’m so in love with this room, from the penny tiles on the floor to the clawfoot tub that we pulled out of the mud and turned into a masterpiece. ❤

We had a lot of fun with the vanity and honeycomb tile. My only regret is not staining the table darker, but it still looks amazing.
These shelves were the last to go in, and it was a big visual change, making the room look so much bigger.
I laid the tile in this room. Such a challenge, but it turned out pretty okay, even if I say so myself.
Two of my favorite features: the telephone shower handle and the hamper.
I painted the bathtub bottom black and misted with metallic spray paints to resemble the universe. All the start eyes!! Isn’t it gorgeous?!

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