and I love you so…

So often, the days that my husband takes me out for a photo shoot remind me of old love songs…how does that song go?…

“…and you love me too
your thoughts are just for me
you set my spirit free
I’m happy that you do…

the book of life is brief
and once a page is read
all but love is dead
that is my belief…”

When I plan a shoot, I almost always plan a date, because we’re destined to end up somewhere off the beaten path, exploring options of great settings for the photos.  Often, we will, literally, find a path, like the one we walked on this day.  This was just at the beginning of spring, when the days were getting warmer, but winter had not released it’s grasp on the lush foliage of the trees and grass.  It was a cool evening, and we walked hand in hand on the path, just quietly enjoying each other and nature, looking into each others eyes and smiling, choosing spots, here and there, to stop and snap a picture or two.

I’m so in love with the days we do photoshoots; they’re quiet, and there’s so much tenderness and love emanating around us.  The truth is that I know every single one of my flaws, and some days, I really feel that all of them are showing.  I know my hair is whatever it wants to be most of the time, my skin isn’t perfect, some lines are beginning to show as well, and my body isn’t what it used to be.  When the camera is on me, I feel them loud and clear, but when we’re there, taking the pictures, he makes me feel gorgeous, like the most beautiful woman he’s ever laid eyes on, and I feel happier than ever.  He makes me laugh and remember and love, and I forget everything else.

Everything about The Chestnut Forge is celebrating yourself…being the creative soul you were meant to be.  During these shoots, when I feel the most self conscious, he helps me to do just that, and I’m proud to be featured in the photos you see, modeling my jewelry…a labor of love.

Do you ever have simply beautiful days, like this?  I’d love to hear about it!!  Or maybe you struggle with self-confidence, too.  I hope this helps you to remember that there are those that love you, and they see your heart and soul, the beauty that makes you who you are, and they’d have you no other way.

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