Welcome to my 10th Anniversary Event!!

Wednesday – October 18, 2023 – 10 AM CST

We’ve been on this journey together for a decade now, and I’m so grateful things have turned out as beautifully as they have.  The Chestnut Forge has thrived and given me so much strength and encouragement, and I wanted to do a little something to celebrate and hopefully make some more fun memories together.  I labored, and stressed, and taxed my little grey cells until I dreamed up this plan that I’m about to share with you.  


Let’s make some special things!!

When you’re planning  a piece of jewelry that you mean to sell online and intend to produce many times, you use stones that are a regular shape, or a more common color.  Natural stones are organic, and sometimes, they form in unique ways with striking colors and irregular shapes that make them irresistible to collect, possibly hoard, and eventually plan to create dozens of beautiful pieces of jewelry that will never be made again, because they are like you, truly one of a kind.  


Now to the fun part!!

Life is a precious thing, and birthdays are so special, so at times, I might go a little bit on the extravagant side, but it makes it that much more amazing, Right?  What started out as a plan to create 10 unique pieces of jewelry that I planned to share in one release has grown into 5 unique collections that will take 5 days to unveil.  One day just doesn’t seem to be enough to celebrate a life, and so many lives have touched mine in these 10 years that one day just seemed to fall short.  So, 5 days!!  5 lovely collections!!  5 daily prizes and one grand prize!!  Overboard…or perrrfect?!


Games need rules!!

…otherwise, you won’t know how to play, and I want everyone to be able to play.  

Rule#1:  The event will run for 5 days starting on Wednesday, October 18th, at 10 AM CSTOne collection will be unveiled each day at 10 AM.  Qualifying purchases made between 10 AM of that day and 9:59 AM the following morning will be entered to win the daily prize of that day and will be eligible to win the grand prize that will be drawn at the end of the event.  

Rule#2:  Qualifying purchases are any of the one of a kind pieces in the collection that was revealed that day, or a Heavenly Bodies ring.  

Rule#3:  It is possible to get multiple chances to be entered. 

  • Way #1 : If you purchase more than one qualifying piece, you’ll get that many chances to win, both, the daily prize and the grand prize.  For example, if you order a one of a kind piece and a Heavenly Bodies ring, you’ll receive two entries for the daily prize and 2 entries for the grand prize. 
  • Way #2 : If you refer someone to the event and they make a purchase, you will receive an extra chance for each qualifying piece that they purchase.  So, spread the word, it’s a win/win/win!!  Be sure that they mention you in the note at checkout when they purchase.  

Rule#4:  The grand prize is scalable.  If all of the one of a kind pieces are sold during the event the grand prize will be upgraded to a higher value.  

  • As we set out in this event, the grand prize is a handcrafted 14k white gold chevron ring.
  • If every one of a kind piece is sold during the event, the grand prize will be a handcrafted 14k white gold diamond chevron ring.

Rule#5:  Along with the drawing for the daily and grand prizes, each person that orders a qualifying purchase during the event will receive a bonus set of heart stud earrings.  

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